City songs through the centuries
Songs of Stockholm through the centuries in a playful performance from the Middle Ages to our time.

Bellman for all ages
Carl Michael Bellman (1740-1795) describes life in Stockholm in the eighteenth century. The genius of the Swedish rococo.

Musical salon
Swedish and foreign songs and music collected from Swedish castles and manor houses.

Fantasies and impressions of nature
A varied lyrical and virtuoso program. Music by Chopin, Mozart, Grieg, Debussy.

A Nordic evening
Songs and myths from different swedish provinces, and music from all the Nordic countries.

Among the isles and skerries
Swedish composers who were inspired by the Stockholm archipelago.

Special programs
The Vasa Odyssey
A musical performance related to the Royal Warship Wasa, with songs and music from the 17th century.

Music at Almare Stäket
A private collection of music and an unique Swedish fortepiano from the year 1811.

Music from Haga's days of glory
The history of Haga Castle, Enköping, is reflected in music from several centuries.